Miami Nice thinks we’re nice and our cookies are delicious

Om Nom Nom Cookies for Miami Nice, photo by Patricia GuarchMore Miami love! We were just featured in Miami Nice by the fabulous Patricia Guarch, who stopped by our home for a quick chat and photo sesh. We chatted about non-vegans eating Om Nom Nom Cookies, eating cookie dough, our Orange-Zested Chocolate Chip Cookie, and our creative friends amongst other things.

Here are some snippets from our conversation:

Patricia: For those who are worried it might taste a little funky – a little less like a “normal” cookie – does it taste weird?

Anthea: You will have to judge that for yourselves. I think our cookies are the best things since sliced bread.

Andrew: My mother is a dedicated vegetarian of over 15 years, and she loves the cookies. I’m pretty sure she is our biggest fan. Truth be told, I’m not a vegan and I also love these cookies. It’s definitely a cookie that has potential to appeal to a very broad audience, especially anyone who appreciates quality and attention to details.

Spicy Mexican SnickerdoodlePatricia: Is there one Om Nom Nom Cookie that you just can’t help but sneak?

Anthea: My favorites are a tie between the Orange Zested Chocolate Chip and the Spicy Mexican Snickerdoodle. It all depends on my mood. My hand sometimes get caught in the cookie jar, for sure.

Andrew: We joke around that our Waste Expense Account in Quickbooks exists because we sample our own supply too often.

Patricia: Anthea, you’re the head cookie around Om Nom Nom Cookies, the baker with the sweet tooth. You’re also a Miamian who’s half British and half Cuban (ed. note: I’m Panamanian and British on one side of the family, so I feel yah sistah!). How does Miami and your background influence your recipes?

Anthea: My upbringing has a profound influence on my recipes. My mother is an amazing baker who was my first teacher. She always allowed me in the kitchen with her. Looking back, I must have been insufferable; I always pestered her to no end with a thousand questions and always asked to lick the spoons after we made any cake or cookie batter. I think I get my fondness for tropical flavors from the Cuban side of my family. I absolutely love mango; it’s one of my favorite things to eat.

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