Perfect Pairings: Rebecca’s Picks for Drinks and Music

There’s no denying we love music, art, or pairing our cookies with drinks. This is our ongoing blog series, where each individual staff member from Om Nom Nom Cookies discusses pairing a cookie with music, drinks, places, things, people, etc. If it feels right while enjoying our cookie, then it’s on the page. Feel free to comment with your own suggestions on what you’d pair with our delicious vegan cookies.

For this particular post, our intern Rebecca Montona speaks up about her favorite drink and music pairings.

Orange-Zested Chocolate Chip
Drink: Lemon San Pelligrino

Music: Animal Collective – Taste (screwed)

Chocolate Chip

Drink: Strawberry lemonade

Music: The Kooks – Always where I need to be

Chocolate Snickerdoodle
Drink: Jim Bean

Music: Weezer – Buddy Holly

Spicy Mexican Snickerdoodle
Drink: Mont Pellier Syrah 2007

Music: Lana Del Rey – Lolita

Cranberry Walnut Oatmeal
Drink: O.N.E Coconut Water

Music: Sufjan Stevens – The Transfiguration

Ultimate Peanut Butter
Drink: Chocolate Almond Milk

Music: Cap’n Jazz – Little League





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