Ah, do you smell that? It’s the nice, refreshing, mind numbingly delicious smell of cookies straight out the oven. The feeling a person gets when they smell that is not one that can be faked, and this holiday cannot be faked either.

December 4th happens to be National Cookie Day and we happen to sell cookies for a living. Obviously, this holiday was made for us and only us. You too! But mostly us. We are so happy that this is a thing, and we are so happy that we can celebrate this with you guys by eating nothing but cookies all day long.

From Chocolate Chip to Spicy Mexican Snicker doodle, by the end of the day we’ll be fifteen pounds heavier and ten times happier.

You can feel this way too! Om Nom Nom Cookies would love to help fulfill your slightly creepy, smiles as big as a Cheshire cat, stomach full to tummy ache with Vegan cookies dream.

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