Om Nom Nom’s head cookie, Anthea Ponsetti, is one of the fortunate, enviable few who knows what they want out of life from the very beginning. As a young girl growing up in a non-traditional British and Cuban family in Miami, Anthea learned to bake her first chocolate chip cookie under the guidance of her mother, who would often yell very British things at her when she would slouch, mouth off, etc. When teatime rolled around, Anthea would delight and entertain family members with her desserts. She has since spent years perfecting her cookie recipes, drawing from her family’s baking secrets, eight years of professional culinary experience, and her hometown of Miami, FL for inspiration.

Anthea became a dedicated vegetarian over fifteen years ago, and has since become 100% vegan as of 2010. While some things have changed, others have stayed the same: she is still the same fun-loving free spirit with a sweet tooth who loves to bake, ride her bike, go to concerts, dress fashionably, slouch, mouth off, etc. Through her newest venture, Om Nom Nom Cookies, Anthea hopes that both vegans and non-vegans will share in the guiltless joy of cookie nom’ing.

Edwin Reginald Beauchamp aka edau (pronounced eh-doh) is Om Nom Nom’s Art Director. Edwin draws his inspiration for the company’s design from pop art, abstract imagery, lowbrow art, contemporary fashion and vinyl toy design. Since graduating from the Miami International University of Art and Design in 2008, he has worked for various companies, artists and design studios, including Friendswithyou, Pharrell Williams (from the Neptunes), LG and Nickelodeon. He also runs his own illustration and graphic design shop called edau!

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