Cookie Creations: Cookie Pizza


Here at Om Nom Nom Cookies, we sure do love cookies! But we also love pizza! Who says we can’t have both? Here’s a fun recipe to make your own mini cookie pizzas with our Gluten Free Cookie.

This recipe will be loved by little ones and would be a great after school activity. You can make one or make a whole batch of six and plastic wrap them for the week for the family’s lunch boxes.

Here’s what you need:
♥ gluten free crust cookie (‘crust’) 1 cookie or 6 pack
♥ macerated berries (‘sauce’) 1/4 cup
♥ shredded coconut (‘cheese’) 1/4 cup
♥ vegan marshmallow (‘extra cheese’) about a handful (optional)
♥ choco chips/peanut butter choco chips (‘topping’) about a handful (optional)

Top 5 Vegan Eateries in Miami



Michaels Genuine: Everything from red quinoa salad, florida avocado salad, kimchi to falafel. There is also a great “sides” section chock full of veggie sides that aim to please. Be sure to check their menu often as they change in accordance to freshly available and locally sourced ingredients and dishes.

blue collar.preview

Blue Collar: The “Veg Chalkboard” is an exciting and ever changing menu, to let your taste buds try something new! Blue Collar provides vast and delicious source of great vegan options.
Yard House:  They have a section titled “Gardein” which uses all meat substitutes from “chicken” to “burgers” its a great for those Vegans that want to revisit old classics like BBQ Chicken Pizza and Mac and Cheese. There also a dedicated section for the ‘Gluten Sensitive’ crowd with gluten free beers.
Oriental Bakery and CafeA Middle Eastern market and a restaurant in two, the best of both worlds! Great lunch specials featuring falafel sandwiches, baba ganoush, hummus and in house made pita in whole wheat and white. The Market has fresh produce and exotic cool ingredients. Don’t forget to check out their refrigerated section for Spinach Pies and Falafel to-go.
Coconut Grove Organic Farmers Market: This place has a plethora of Vegan deliciousness. From juices, nuts, to fruit pies. Check out their online store where you can shop ’till you drop without even leaving our house! Come hungry and leave happy!