Students Staying Healthy: Meatless Lunches

Students Staying Healthy: Meatless Lunches

Coming from the Om Nom Nom Cookies headquarters, we know that eating healthy is difficult when on a budget – especially for the average
. With all the work put into education and money spent on said education, it’s kind of hard to maintain a healthy diet while staying in the suggested price range. Passing by a McDonald’s or Burger King on the way back home is tempting but sometimes telling your instincts “NO!” is the best option.

To help the fellow students out there keep their health in check, we’ve searched the world wide web and made a list of three quick and easy meatless meals for the college student budget.Unknown


Green Goddess Bowl by The Collegiate Vegan: all the greens a person could ever want in one bowl.

Easy, Cheap Veggie Tortillas & Salsa by Shannon Gallagher on Student Recipes: a simple wrap to make in the morning for an easy to-go lunch.

Big Lentil Power Salad by Oh She Glows: an easy salad to make before the start of your day.

Written by Taylor Morgan

Vegan In Miami

Vegan in Miami

Being Vegan in Miami definitely has it’s perks. With Miami being such an indulgent and diverse city, basically a melting pot of culture, there are many options for people who choose the Vegan lifestyle. Whether you’re craving pizza or a burger, there is always a place selling an alternative fit just for your diet. And though giving up meat at first may be difficult, it does nothing but pay off in the long run.

We understand that not many people have the time to cook up a meal every night so we have compiled a list of some of our favorite Vegan friendly restaurants!

The Lost and Found Saloon

Lemoni Cafe

Choices Cafe


Mandolin Aegean Bistro

Written by Taylor Morganimages