Panther Coffee Cookie Collaboration

When Anthea told me we would be designing a cookie in collaboration with Panther Coffee    I was more than elated.


Being a daily coffee drinker and chronic cookie monster with Om Nom Nom, it seemed like quite the fit for me to have my hands all over this amazing project.


The idea for a java chip cookie was inspired by a chocolate chip frappuccino.




A coffee infused cookie base with blended bits of coffee beans and chocolate chips.  Our goal was to produce a cookie that embodies the intense flavors of Panther’s ethically produced coffee and pairs those notes with the sweet richness of chocolate chips.





We used simple artisan flavors that we love and combined them effortlessly. This one is a must have for aspiring baristas, coffee connoisseurs and cookie fanatics everywhere.

A sweet Valentine’s Day gift

Looking for a sweet Valentine’s Day gift this year? Forget the teddy bear and flowers!

Om Nom Nom Cookies has now debuted a new red velvet flavor just in time for Valentine’s Day. Our red velvet cookies will surely satisfy your sweet heart’s sweet tooth.

red velvet

The red velvet cookie is a specially formulated recipe that takes the southern classic cake and transforms it into the most perfect cookie version. Using premium quality cocoa and our own in-house made almond “buttermilk”  that gives a tang and maybe even some southern twang.

Each red velvet cookie is individually wrapped with 6 per order for $14.00. You can send your Valentine a whole box or pass them out to friends and family.